Best For My Parents | 5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Senior Care for Your Loved One

5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Senior Care for Your Loved One

5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Senior Care for Your Loved One

Deciding to seek professional care for an aging loved one is a difficult decision in many ways. It’s not unusual for people to struggle with feelings of guilt or inadequacy when making this decision. And these feelings may cause them to push it off. But there does come a time when you need to seriously consider seeking senior care for your loved one. Here are 5 signs that may indicate the time is right for your family.

They Express Feelings of Loneliness or Depression

Many senior citizens become chronically lonely in their later years. Their children have moved out and have families of their own—often far away from them. They may have lost their spouse, and their friends may have passed away or moved to other locations. And, with decreasing mobility and independence, senior citizens often find it difficult to get out of their homes and visit others.

As hard as you may try to visit with your family member on a regular basis, you cannot meet all of their needs for social interaction on your own. So, if your loved one expresses feelings of loneliness or even depression, it may be time to consider senior care options. Retirement communities may be a good solution, or you can hire a professional caregiver to simply come visit your family member on a regular basis.

They’re Forgetting to Tend to Basic Needs

Even if your loved one is physically capable of caring for themselves, they may experience some memory troubles as they age. If you ask them whether or not they had lunch that day, and they can’t remember, you may need to hire a caregiver to tend to their daily needs. Such lapses in memory can be highly detrimental to your family member’s health, especially if they have important medications that they need to take at specific times each day.

They’re Physically Unable to Care for Themselves

Many senior citizens experience a loss of independence as their bodies lose the ability to perform certain tasks. They may no longer be able to attend to household chores, or they may even lose the ability to perform basic personal hygiene routines. If your family member has progressed to a point where they need daily assistance with basic needs, then professional help may be a smart choice.

Depending on your loved one’s particular needs, you may be able to hire a caregiver to come into the home every day to help with the person’s needs. Or, you may want to consider a full-time care facility where they can receive ongoing attention and assistance.

They Have Daily Medical Needs

For senior citizens with medical conditions, professional care is often a wise decision. Whether they need daily dialysis, have many medications that they need to take every day, or need to have their blood pressure taken regularly, they should have the attention of a full-time caregiver. These can sometimes be hired for in-home care, but often, a senior care facility is a wiser choice.

At Best For My Parents, we can help you find the right facility for your loved one’s medical needs. Contact us or fill out our online questionnaire for further information and assistance with placement.

Their Care Interferes with Your Life and Happiness

Even if you are seeing some of the above signs in your loved one, you might think to yourself that you can provide the care that they need. And, if you are able to do so, that is wonderful. However, if your family member’s needs have progressed to a point where it interferes with your own life and your own happiness, then it may be time to get some help with caring for them.

If your own family is often neglected, you are no longer able to enjoy personal hobbies, or your professional life is suffering, then it is best to acknowledge that you are no longer able to give your loved one what they need. You may even begin to have feelings of irritation or resentment whenever your family member calls on you for assistance. And while it is normal to have these feelings when providing constant care for someone, they’re not feelings that you want to continue to experience.

By hiring professional senior care for your family member, you can ease some of your own burdens so that the time you spend with your loved one is a time dedicated to strengthening your bond and growing closer, rather than tending to basic needs.

If you feel it might be time to get some additional help in caring for your loved one, contact Best For My Parents. We’ll help you find the right level of care and the right care facility for your parent or other family member—and, as always, our placement services are free of charge.